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WTA Services

Well Test Analysis (WTA) & Engineering Services began engineering and consulting services in November 2005. The principal, Jean Beriault has more than 15 (fifteen) years of proven successful and related experience and knowledge, which has been developed in the areas of ERCB well test compliance (related to the Well Test Capture system), well test analyses (PTA, RTA & DFIT/Mini-frac), determination of well performance and reservoir studies.


We do the "homework" and determine if your well has potential for increased productivity. Direct your company's investments on wells that have potential and re-evaluate the effectiveness of these stimulated/re-completed wells. Clients have testified where pressure transient tests were analyzed by WTA Services, in which some indicated potential for increased production through stimulation. These wells were stimulated as suggested by WTA Services and production increased 2 to 3 times, essentially close to pressure transient analysis (PTA) results. Another client has indicated increased production of about 8 times, again near PTA results.

Understanding the demands of characterizing unconventional reservoirs, Jean Beriault, principal, welcomes the opportunity to work with the producing sector as well as the service sector with overflow work on diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT) analyses or also known as mini-frac analyses as well as on rate transient analyses (RTA), whether remotely or in-house.

 Consulting services include the following:


  • Pressure transient analysis (PTA - Buildups, Falloffs, Drawdowns, DSTs) via conventional methods and simulation using Fekete software
  • Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) using Fekete software
  • DFITs/Minifrac/Afterclosure analysis using Fekete software
  • Determine reservoir pressure, oil well productivity, gas well AOF and deliverability, fluid flow characteristics / reservoir permeability, completion effectiveness and boundaries / anomalies via PTA
  • Determine reservoir characteristics, permeability, skin, matrix versus fracture and if sufficient information available, reserves estimates via RTA
  • Determine initial reservoir pressure, fracture closure pressure & gradient, instantaneous shut-in, leakoff, pore pressure, fluid efficiency, permeability & skin via DFIT analysis (Before & After Closure)
  • Single and multi-shot acoustic well sounder (AWS) calculations and reports
  • Monitor pressure buildup / fall-off tests via diagnostic plots for sufficient PTA / DFIT analysis
  • Material balance and volumetric calculations (assess reservoir extent and limits before tie-in)
  • Production forecasting 
  • Critical rate calculations (minimum gas rates to lift liquids)
  • Manage electronic (PAS file) submissions and compliance issues of well tests (related to the Well Test Capture system) and annual pressure survey
  • Assist in finalizing company standard reports
  • Assist in preparing data for company standard analysis

WTA Services is a results-driven company, focused on serving the industry, committed to one purpose, one goal, keeping accountability where service is paramount.  Our mission is to provide quality service, satisfaction and trust for the oil and gas industry.

If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact

Jean Beriault:

Ph: 403-504-8590

Email: Jean





Jean Beriault attended the June 2011 Tight Oil Congress in Calgary which encompassed examining cost-effective completions technologies & techniques for maximizing tight oil production.

Jean Beriault attended the conference/workshop in Banff, Characterizing Unconventional Reservoirs and Bounding Intervals Using In-Situ Tests offered by the SPE on April 24 and 25, 2012.